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Launch your new Business Venture with a Level 3 Entrepreneurship Qualification

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Key Features


  • Support from an expert business coach.

  • A range of engaging text, video and audio resources.

  • Practical activities leading to real world business outputs specifically tailored to suit your business’s needs.

  • A choice of business and entrepreneurship units to suit your needs.

  • Affordable UK regulated Qualification from only £350.     

These are flexible self-paced courses that lead to a UK regulated Qualification. Courses can be completed from anywhere worldwide but require all assessment work to be submitted in English. Our weekly seminars with professional coaching support provide extra guidance for participants whose first language may not be English. We will help you to ensure your course work for the qualification meets a high standard for marking.

Launch your new business venture with a recognised UK Qualification in Entrepreneurship in as little as two or four weeks. Postage of your UK Qualification Certificate worldwide is included in your course fee.

What makes our Courses unique?

Educational Partners

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Guest Speakers on these courses...
Joseph Jones | Managing Director EduGrow

Joseph Jones

Managing Director, EduGrowth

Robert Jones | Brand Leadership.png

Prof. Robert Jones

Brand Leadership, Uni East Anglia

Vince Stevenson | College of Public Spea

Vince Stevenson

Author, College of Public Speaking

Dr. Robin Chater | Coach & Leadership Co

Dr. Robin Chater

Coach & Leadership Consultant

Kieran Miles | Managing Director

Kieran Miles

Managing Director, DUCO

Andrew Loake | Loake Shoes.png

Andrew Loake

Loake Shoemakers

15 Course Units to choose from

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