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5 Reasons to Study Entrepreneurship

A solid business model to set you up for success

1. Start Your Business with the correct approach

Starting a new venture as an entrepreneur involves inherent risk.

In the U.S. alone 20 percent of businesses fail within their first year, and 50 percent don’t survive past five years (1).

With odds like that, you’re only going to get one shot at launching your business right.

Having as much knowledge and the correct tools to hand at the earliest stage of your business idea’s creation is crucial.

When starting out you need to first take a step back and look at your potential business model from an unbiased perspective.

With Entrepreneurship study you will learn about the underlying principles of starting a business, how to avoid common pitfalls, how to validate your own business strategy and develop a solid business model that sets you up for success.

2. Hone Your Skills

Entrepreneurs evolve from all backgrounds of business and usually possess a unique set of experiences that attribute to the creation of a new business idea.

The techniques and methods you will learn to systematically plan a business can be applied to a multitude of enterprise types and scenarios.

You will have the skills needed to vastly improve your chances for success, regardless of your background or experience.

With Academy Courses you will learn and hone these skills, referencing from a wide selection of entrepreneurial business units designed by EduGrowth UK.

You can customise your Ofqual regulated Qualification to include only the units relevant and most beneficial to your own unique business needs.

EduGrowth Units can be completed in particular combinations to offer pathways in finance and marketing:

Finance for Entrepreneurs | Managing Finance + Sourcing Finance

Marketing for Entrepreneurs | Marketing Your Business + Building Your Online Presence

3. Validate Your Business Idea

When launching a venture, validating your business idea is vital. Entrepreneurship study can help you learn useful strategies through which to view your products or services and identify ways to prove their value with customers.

For example, during the introduction of all Academy Courses we first look at Unit: Assessing your Business Idea to evaluate your business’s potential profitability.

We do this by breaking down your business concept to identify the core assumptions its based on and then test these assumptions using a range of evaluation tools for your markets.

4. Learn from the Success and Failures of Others

The Entrepreneur Launch Academy isn’t just about perfecting your skills - it’s also about building a community and support bubble.

Taking a course enables you to meet like-minded individuals you can relate to from a startup view point.

Our course communities provide an exclusive, close knit environment with a maximum of only ten places per group to ensure optimal peer interaction, feedback and boost your overall productivity.

5. Bring Innovative to your Team

At any organization, a conscious effort is required to fight off stagnation.

As markets shift and customer needs change, adopting an innovative approach to tackling this change can help you keep your business agile and competitive.

Maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset can enable you to assess your customers’ jobs to be done and develop new ways to do them - either by creating new products and services or adapting those you already have.

A study by McKinsey showed that enterprises who embraced new industry innovation experienced greater financial returns compared to those less open to change (2).





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