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Course Requirements

Frisby College Online offers a convenient way to study UK Qualifications in Higher Education from abroad.


Our online courses are taught by professional coaches in English and meet the same requirements as our in-class courses, ensuring quality learning and assessment for completing your Ofqual regulated qualification.


Please read through the requirements carefully to be sure you are well prepared for starting your course.  


English Requirements


Although you may need to include research in other languages for your business idea’s development, all of the assessment tasks and written reports you will need to produce for these courses can be submitted in English only.

This is because ATHE UK is a British Awarding Body and the Qualification you gain is international recognised as being Ofqual Regulated.

You will need to be able to communicate in English effectively for analysing course texts and actively participating in weekly seminars with your group.


Applicants need to have a minimum of CEFR B1 level English for these courses. You will need to include evidence of a standardised English test such IELTS with a score of 4.5 with your application.

Please contact us for further advise on whether you meet the English requirement for these courses.


Time Requirements


The Entrepreneurship Launch Academy encourages a fast-paced, productive environment for initiating your business over a set period of time on your course.

You will need to be prepared to study independently throughout each week of the course to complete the directed study tasks required on time.

As a guide, each credit of work generally requires around 10 hours of personal study to complete. We encourage participants to aim for completing 4 credits of work each week to maintain comfortable progression throughout.    


Business Idea Requirements


Our Entrepreneurship Courses are designed to use your own business concept as a focus for deciding which units to study and the tools you will use for developing your business plan further.

You will need to have a business idea you are motivated to explore and develop as a potential real-world business.

It doesn’t need to be much more than an idea in its early stages because you will assess its feasibility and research relevant markets using proven strategies in the first 3 compulsory units on these courses.

It’s likely that you will have tweaked and fine-tuned your business idea significantly by the end of Unit 3, which is often a crucial step in the overall roll-out of a successful startup.