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Your Business Idea

Our Entrepreneurship Courses are designed to work around your own business idea and the tools you will need to execute it successfully. You should have a business idea you are motivated to explore and develop as a potential real-world business.

Your business idea can be for any type of business, whether global or local to a specific country. You will learn how to source relevant information to produce a strategic plan for your own business environment and the markets you will be competing in.

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Things to consider when choosing your business idea


The Entrepreneurship Launch Academy is a platform for you to work through the steps needed to generate a successful business with support from expert coaches.

Courses are fast-paced requiring a committed business idea to work with throughout. There is not sufficient time to change your business idea mid-way through the course and all your assessment work will need to be coherent in addressing the same project idea.  

You will have the skills and tools available to plan a multitude of businesses in the future after you have successfully completed your course, but in the meantime you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your project on the course.    

How to decide which units are best for your business idea


On both the Award and Certificate Courses participants complete 3 Compulsory Units. These units are designed to ensure you first evaluate and define the activities of your business correctly.

Assessing Your Business Idea (2 Credits)

Planning Your New Business (2 Credits)

Developing Your Strategy (2 Credits)  


These units are generally completed within the first 8-10 days of the course, during which time you can ask your coach for advice and will gain a better understanding of which additional units can benefit your business development the most.


You will need to confirm your chosen course units with your group coach by the end of the first week.